Marketing Strategies of ICICI Bank

The objective of this project is comprehensive and comparative study of the marketing strategies of ICICI Bank. Its objective of extracting Incremental business through existing client, it’s a policy of ICICI Bank Ltd. to time and again review back the existing clients database, for generating business as well as to take a feedback towards its services.

1. Introduction to Industry
2. Introduction to Company
3. Research Methodology
a) Title Justification
b) Research Objective
c) Significance
d) Research Design
e) Sampling Methodology
– Sampling Unit
– Sampling Technique
– Sampling Area
– Sampling Size
– Limitations
4. Facts & Findings
5. Data Analysis & Interpretation (Data till 2008)
6. Recommendations
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Annexure
a) Questionnaire

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