Material handling at Volvo Construction Equipment Braas

Title: Internal material handling at Volvo Construction Equipment Braas

Material handling is a large part of a company´s internal work and represents between 15 % and 70 % of the total cost of a manufactured product. By improving the internal handling of material, more efficient distribution and manufacturing flows are possible. The material handling process is an input to the production and assembly process that has to be defined and mapped so that it can be improved. The material handling process studied at Volvo CE Braås includes goods receiving, storage, packaging as well as the order/delivery process to assembly, and will finish with the material transport to the assembly line…


1  Introduction
1.1  Background
1.2  Problem discussion
1.3  Research question
1.4  Objective of the study
1.5  Disposition of the thesis
1.6  Timeframe
2  The Company presentation
2.1  Volvo Group
2.2  Volvo CE Braås
3  Methodology
3.1  Scientific perspective
3.2  Scientific approach
3.3  Research method
3.4  Case study
3.5  Data collection
3.6  Scientific credibility
3.6.1  Validity
3.6.2  Reliability
3.7  Summary
4  Theory
4.1  Material handling
4.1.1  Packaging material
4.1.2  Storage
4.1.3  Part-feeding to the assembly line
4.2  Value stream mapping
4.2.1  Value adding
4.2.2  Value stream
4.2.3  The four steps of VSM
4.3  Waste
4.4  Kanban
4.5  Summary
5  Material handling at Volvo CE Braås
5.1  Goods receiving
5.1.1  Goods receiving lines
5.1.2  Review of main points for goods receiving
5.2  Storage
5.2.1  Inside storage
5.2.2  Outside storage
5.2.3  External storages
5.2.4  Review of main points for storage
5.3  Assembly line ordering and feeding
5.3.1  Packaging material
5.3.2  Review of main points for assembly line
5.4  Questionnaire to the assembly employees
5.5  Summary
6  Benchmark
6.1  Volvo CE Arvika
6.2  Volvo Trucks Gothenburg
6.3  Scania
6.4  Summary and the conceptual model for this thesis
7  Analysis
7.1  Research question 1
7.1.1  Product family
7.1.2  Current-state map for Volvo CE Braås
7.1.3  Analysis of the current-state map
7.2  Research question 2
7.3  Research question 3
8  Conclusion
8.1  Answer to the research questions
8.2  Reflection
8.3  Future research

Author: Saleh, Fatima,Bartsch, Susann,Steen, Jessica

Source: Vaxjo University

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