Project Report on Medical Translation

Project Title: Analysis of a Medical Translation: Terminology and cultural aspects

This analysis deals with the difficulties in translating a medical text from English into Swedish. As primary source, I have used a British textbook about geriatrics called Nursing Older People which is aimed at university students of nursing. The selected chapter is called Person-centred dementia care written by the authors Sue Davies, Barry Aveyard and Ian J. Norman. The translation difficulties have involved terminology and cultural aspects. This analysis shows how these problems were tackled by studying different translation theories, such as Munday (2001) who refers to Koller’s theory about equivalence and Vinay & Darbelnet’s model of direct translation and oblique translation as well as Ingo (2007) who accounts for text sort conventions.The terminological problems involved choosing the most appropriate term for describing diagnosis, diseases, body organs and symptoms. There was a wide variety of terms from old Graeco-Latin terms to English terms coined in the 1990s. Other terms were related to the international field of epidemiology as well as the organization of care for the elderly…


1. Introduction
1.1 Aim
1.2 Material
1.3 Method
2. Theoretical background
2.1 Target group
2.2 Text type and text variety
2.3 Koller’s equivalence
2.4 Vinay & Darbelnet’s model
2.5 Terminology
2.5.1 Medical terms
3. Result and analysis
3.1. Cultural aspects
3.2 Terminology
3.2.1 Medical terms Graeco-Latin terms Synonyms Eponyms English terms
3.2.2 Organisational terms
3.2.3 Epidemiological terms
4. Conclusion
5. References

Author: Rask, Nina

Source: Vaxjo University

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