Mobile client for SMART reaction

Today users often do not provide suggestions or feedback for the environment around them because of uncertainty on who to contact, where to contact, time and effort required to participate actively. SMART system is intended to provide solution to facilitate users to easily recognize things and the objects around them for their suggestion or feedback.

This thesis presents Mobile Client for the SMART system with focus on employees where they can participate actively in an industrial context, which is the replacement of manual system. Finding feasible way to annotate an object in an industrial context is one of the major tasks of the thesis work.

Mobile Client identify objects by different ways, it can be a unique identification number of an object, name of object or by looking at the latest suggestions provided by other employees. Mobile Client provides many ways to react and provide suggestions to facilitate employees. It provides access to native resources of mobile terminal within the Mobile Client to add interactive suggestions. A suggestion can be provided by one of or all of the available options, which are Text, Audio, Video or Image capturing. Mobile Client submits the suggestion using internet, which is further available to other employees; they can view and provide their suggestion or feedback.

Mobile is a low memory device and causes application crash on adding too much media elements while suggestion. Client has been observed for platform independency and figured out the problems that are faced while deploying this system on other mobile terminals having different platform.

Test results have shown that the system provides quick and easy solution for SMART reactions. System outcome is satisfied and can provide smarter solution for the different situations. It can be enhanced by providing more options and features in the future.

Author: ul Hussain Sani, Zaheer

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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