Multi purpose heat store for a family house: modelling and simulation

Thermal storage has got a crucial part to play with regards to the use of energy in homes, because a considerable amount of energy could be saved. A combination of a district heating network, a solar collector plus a heat store may very well be a reliable heating system. Solar heat could enable the district heating network to be shut down throughout summer should there be no space heating demand. Computational modelling of such a multipurpose heat store has actually been completed in this dissertation. A dynamic simulation model for the stratified heat store and solar panel is constructed making use of MatLab software. The model will depend on a deterministic method that responds based on the variations in the surrounding and its components. Meteorological data is collected from WINSUN program. Having said that, to be able to develop a genuine model for a heat store, a greater depth of knowledge on certain phenomena like thermal stratification and natural convection becomes necessary….

Simulation outcomes for 2 distinct situations are offered: A chilly day at high temperature loads during wintertime and 2 days at low heat load during summer. A cloudy and a warm day in June are contrasted as a way to evaluate the volume of heat provided by the solar panels for particular days. The final results reveal that despite the fact that, the model can’t be simulated to act like a real heat store, it is still a priceless tool to research and evaluate changing trends in the behaviour of the system at different configurations and function like a design tool to study the impact of climatic changes and hot water withdrawals on storage performance. But, validation of such models is needed to evaluate the correctness of the software……

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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