A Reference Searching Related To Nanomaterials,Food Packaging and Sustainability

This report focuses on the study of nanomaterials as a packaging material for the food industries. Reviews were carried out and the various properties exhibited by various nanomaterial used in the packaging industry were looked into. An investigation was also done on carbon nanotubes which are used to a large extent as reinforcing materials in the development of new class of nanocomposites.This report also traces the cause of sustainability problems associated with the use of nanomaterials in the food packaging industry. It analyzes and extrapolates the prospect of additional capabilities that human may gain from the development of nanomaterial in the food industry in order to ascertain environmental sustainability.


1 Notation
2 Introduction
3. Previous Research on nanomaterial in Packaging
3.1 Definition
3.2 Brief History of Food Packaging
3.3 Food Packaging and Nanomaterial
3.3.1 Benefit of Nanomaterial in Packaging
3.4 Nanocomposites
3.4.1 Nanocomposites Characteristics
3.4.2 Nanocomposites Materials
3.4.3 Polymer Clay Nanocomposites
3.4.4 Silica Nanocomposites or Nanosilver
3.4.5 Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
3.5 Simulation Work on Nanocomposites Related to Packaging
3.5.1 Molecular Dynamics Simulation
3.5.2 Continuum Mechanics Simulation
4. Previous Research on Sustainability Related to Food Packaging
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Sustainability of Food Packaging
4.2.1 Benefits of Sustainable Food Packaging
4.2.2 Sustainable Food Packaging Nanomaterial
4.2.3 Benefits and Risks of Sustainable Packaging Nanomaterial
4.3 Conclusion
5. Review of Experimental Work of Polymer-CNT Composites.
5.1 Experimental Set Up
6. Finite Element Models
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Rules of Mixtures of Composites
6.2.1 Calculation of a Simplified Carbon Nanotube Model
6.3 Simplified FEM Model
6.4 Analytical Results and Validations
6.4.1 Methodology of Evaluate Effective Modulus of Composite
6.5 Comparison of the FEM and Analytical Results
6.5.1 Shell Element and Continuum Element
6.6 Discussion and Conclusion
6.7 Future Work
6. References

Author: Aruoture Onome Tonnie

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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