Analysis of Nonlinear systems with Zero Memory & Determination Limit of Chaos

It is probable that all practical engineering structures are nonlinear to some extent. In this thesis work a two degrees of freedom nonlinear system and experimental structure with zero memory were simulated, modeled and analyzed to understand their behavior for different conditions. Nonlinear parameters and true linear frequency response was extracted. The limit of chaos was also determined. To achieve these results simulation and experimental model was used and analyzed using MATLAB toolbox…


1. Notations
2. Introduction
3. FRF of Nonlinear Systems
3.1 Harmonic Balance
3.2 MIMO Identification Technique
4. Analysis of Nonlinear Lumped Mass System
5. Experimental Analysis of Nonlinear Structure
5.1 Experimental Structure
5.2 Experimental Setup
5.3 Analysis of the Nonlinear Data
5.4 Simulation of the Nonlinear Structure
6. Determination of Limit of Chaos
6.1 Simulation Results of Chaos
6.2 Experimental Results of Chaos
7 Conclusion and Recommendation
8 References

Author: Hailay Kiros Kelele

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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