Packaging in the New Product Development Process: An International Perspective

Distinctive packaging was considered already in the early 18th century, when patent medicines were marketed in England and America. In the end of the 19th century, packaging was used as a mass marketing tool and steadily, packaging became a marketing tool among with advertising and branding. After World War 1 the importance of package design grew and also the interest in its appearance. Organizations discovered the significance of psychological factors, which affected the visual elements of package: color, shape, imagery and graphics.


The thesis is conducted to investigate how packaging is taken into consideration within the new product development process and in which stages of the new product development process packaging actually is taken into consideration. Further we want to investigate if packaging has increased in importance within the activities of the new product development process, and how organizations deal with standardization of packaging for international markets in the new product development process.


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem Discussion
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Delimitations
1.5 Definitions
1.6 Contribution of the Thesis
1.7 Disposition
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 Product
2.2 The New Product Development Process
2.2.1 Activity-Stage Model
2.2.2 Complementary Models of New Product Development
2.2.3 Recent Thinking within New Product Development
2.2.4 New Product Development within this Thesis
2.3 Packaging
2.3.1 Communicating with the Package
2.3.2 Standardization versus Adaptation
2.4 Framework Review
3 Methodology
3.1 Data Collection
3.1.1 Interview Method
3.1.2 Interview Framework
3.1.3 Primary and Secondary Data
3.1.4 Anonymity
3.2 Sampling
3.3 Presentation of Organizations
3.4 Trustworthiness: Validity & Reliability
3.5 Method of Analysis
3.6 Criticism and Justification of the Method Applied
4 Empirical Findings
4.1 The New Product Development Process
4.1.1 Idea
4.1.2 Concept
4.1.3 Product Development and Production
4.1.4 Launch
4.1.5 Evaluation
4.1.6 Testing
4.1.7 Flexible Process
4.2 Packaging
4.2.1 Material
4.2.2 Testing
4.3 Standardization versus Adaptation
5 Analysis
5.1 The New Product Development Process
5.1.1 Trend Analysis and Idea Generation
5.1.2 Concept Development
5.1.3 Product Development and Production
5.1.4 Launch
5.1.5 Evaluation
5.2 The Importance of Packaging
5.3 Standardization versus Adaptation
5.4 A Modified New Product Development Process
6 Conclusion
7 Final Discussion
7.1 Reflections upon the Research
7.2 Further Research
List of Reference

Author: Nilsson, Pauline,Hult, Malin

Source: Jönköping University

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