Semi-automated process planning and cost estimation of turned components based on CATIA V5 Machining

In an environment of increasing globalization, companies are facing greater competition. This pushes them to constantly improve their competitiveness in order to maintain their market position.

To be more competitive in the market, many companies are trying to speed up the quotation process and quote more attractive prices. Therefore, they have identified a need for support in the quotation process in order to reduce the quotation lead-time and ensure a higher level of accuracy in the cost estimations. The Quotation Calculator, an application program, has been developed as part of the degree thesis…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Purpose and aims
1.3 Delimitations
1.4 Description of the thesis
2 Literature review
2.1 Cost estimation
2.2 Process planning
2.3 Design Automation: CAD, CAM, CAD/CAM
2.4 Visual Basic Programming
3 Tool for cost calculation: Quotation Calculator
3.1 Introduction to the Quotation Calculator
3.2 Data analysis of the Quotation Calculator
3.3 Material Cost Calculation
3.4 Machining Time and Machining Cost Calculation
4 Tool for machining time estimation: CATIA V5 machining
4.1 Introduction to CATIA V5 machining
4.2 Data analysis of CATIA V5 Machining (Lathe machining)
5 Comparison of the systems and proposed solutions
5.1 Comparison of the Quotation Calculator and CATIA V5 machining
5.2 Proposed solutions
5.3 Conclusion of the proposed solutions
6 Results
6.1 Data importation to CATIA V5
6.2 Data extraction from CATIA V5
6.3 Data implementation in the Quotation Calculator
7 Conclusions and recommendations
7.1 Conclusion
7.2 Recommendations
A Work Breakdown Structure
B Machine Time Calculation
C VB Scripts

Author: Cheung, Ching Chi

Source: Jönköping University

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