Project: Airline Reservation System in Java

The primary objective of project¬†Airline Reservation System in Java is to provide the online ticket & seat reservation facility of Domestic and International Flights and also provide details about flight departures. The present manual system is very frustrating and sluggish. This manual system is vulnerable to errors and quite often the approach to various problems is unstructured. With the advancement of technology if we don’t upgrade our system then our business will be in losses. The technical systems provides the tools of latest trend i.e. computers printers, fax, Internet etc. The systems with this technology are extremely fast, accurate, user-friendly and reliable.

Need of automated Airlines system
A few variables which direct us to produce a brand new system are given below -:
1) Faster System
2) Accuracy
3) Reliability
4) Informative
5) Reservations and cancellations from any where to any place

In this Java project, we will focus on ticket booking function. This function will take the user inputs like their requirements. After entering all requirements in this application, it will look into the back-end & provide details about flights. When we open the application we can find the basic information (basic fair & discounts) about today flight timings.

This Airline Reservation System in Java project primarily contains two important modules
Domestic Flights: In domestic flights module the system allows customers to create their login and they can search their needs of domestic flights, if any flight is available they can book tickets.
International Flight: In International flights module the system allows users to create their login and they can search their requirements of international flights, if any flight is available they can book the International flight tickets.

In the system analysis phase I have observed the system by visiting Indira Gandhi Airport. In this phase initially I have designed E-R diagram of the processes, to be able to determine various entities and relation ship set ,entity set, attributes, link attributes.

This project contains lot of scope of development. Nevertheless its overall look and feel provides rough image of an existing automation system.

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