Project assessment: a search for root causes

Several companies use projects to achieve specific IT related goals and objectives. Sadly, there aren’t any guarantees for project success and plenty of projects have issues attaining project success. This master dissertation will evaluate one particular IT project, the Configuration Calculator project…


Section 1: Introduction
1.1 The Thesis Subject: the Configuration Calculator Project 7
1.2 Reading Guide
Section 2: Problem Definition
2.1 Thesis Objective
2.2 Demarcation
2.3 Research Approach
2.4 Central Thesis Questions
2.5 Core Definitions
Section 3: Managing a software engineering project
3.1 Project Management Criteria
3.2 Stakeholder Management Criteria
3.3 Requirements Engineering Criteria
3.4 Project Assessment Criteria
3.5 Problem Analysis Techniques
3.6 Theory conclusions
Section 4: Case Project Assessed
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Case Analysis
4.3 Assessment
4.4 Survey
4.5 Root Causes Laid Bare
4.6 Results
Section 5: Discussion
5.1 Influence from the other Configurator projects
5.2 Elicitation Techniques
5.3 Project Success Criteria
Section 6: Conclusions & Recommendations…

Source: University of Twente

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