“Red Envelop” incentive measure for chinese employees

This paper studies the most common economic phenomena in the People Republic of China—-“Red Envelope” as year-end cash bonus. Based on 108 employees’ responses to the designed questionnaires in Henan Province, central part of P. R. China, the paper reveals the “Red Envelope” is an incentive measure for Chinese employees at present.


1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Thesis Layout
2 Literature review
2.1 Basic Ideas of Incentive theories
2.2 Theoretical Application and Hypotheses
2.2.1 Recognition
2.2.2 Reward and performance
3 Research Methods
3.1 Data and Sample
3.2 Some Points for Notice
3.3 Results
3.4 Discussion of Results
4 Conclusion
5 References
6 Appendices
6.1 Appendix A: Questionnaire in English
6.2 Appendix B: Questionnaire in Chinese

Author: Feng Li

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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