Redesign of a Wheelchair Frame Side

A theoretical and experimental study of the frame side of a wheelchair was performed in order to determine whether it is possible to use a polymer material instead of aluminium. The results show that such a frame side, having the same strength and stiffness as the present, can be designed within the other expressed design criteria.

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Author: Per Folkesson, Tina Olsson

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology


1 Notation
2 Introduction
3 Investigation of Present Design
3.1 Task Description
3.2 ISO Load Cases
3.3 Theoretical Models
3.3.1 FE Model ,: Left Frame Side
3.3.2 FE Model ,,: Total Wheelchair
3.4 Experimental Set-up
3.4.1 Measurement Device
3.4.2 Left Frame Side
3.4.3 Total Wheelchair
3.5 Results
3.5.1 Verification ,: Left Frame Side
3.5.2 Verification ,,: Total Wheelchair
3.5.3 ISO Load Cases
4 New Design
4.1 Description of Solution
4.2 Limitations
4.3 Material
4.4 Design Considerations and Results
5 Conclusions
6 References
A.1 Strain Gauge Application Steps

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