A Study of Scalability and Performance of Solaris Zones

The Solaris operating system is a POSIX-compliant operating system (OS), developed by Sun Microsystems. It has become increasing popular, because the Solaris OS is the first commercially developed UNIX system that was open sourced. Solaris Zones1 is an implementation of an operating system-level virtualization technology first available in a mainstream operating system in Solaris 10. Zones in the Solaris OS act as completely isolated OS instances within one physical machine. Thus, this technology can contribute a good platform for the implementation of a variety of different security policies for an organization.

This thesis presents a quantitative evaluation of an operating system virtualization technology known as Solaris Containers or Solaris Zones, with a special emphasis on measuring the influence of a security technology known as Solaris Trusted Extensions…


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.1.1 Overview of Solaris Zones
1.1.2 History and development
1.1.3 Benefits of Solaris Zones
1.1.4 Overview of Solaris Trusted Extensions
1.2 Motivation
1.3 Typographic Conventions
1.4 Roadmap
Chapter 2 Problem Statement
Chapter 3 Related Research
3.1 The Evaluations of Existing Virtualization Technologies
3.1.1 Observation-based evaluation
3.1.2 Responsiveness-based evaluation
3.1.3 Quantitative evaluation
3.1.4 Summary
3.2 Existing Evaluations of Solaris Zones
Chapter 4 Evaluation of Solaris Zones
4.1 Test Bed
4.1.1 System description
4.1.2 Specification of zone
4.2 Test Tool
4.2.1 Introduction
4.2.2 Requirement
4.2.3 Configuration
4.2.4 Results
4.3 Test Protocol
4.3.1 Scalability
4.3.2 Performance
4.4 Test Description
4.4.1 Tests on adit2-105
4.4.2 Tests on adit2-106
5 Results and Analysis
5.1 Scalability
5.2 Performance
5.2.1 Performance of running the benchmark in one zone
5.2.2 Performance of running benchmarks concurrently in different zones
5.3 Discussion
5.3.1 Discussion based on system scalability
5.3.2 Discussion based on system performance
5.4 Summary
Chapter 6 Conclusion and Further Research
6.1 Conclusion
6.2 Methodology Limitations
6.3 Future Work
Scripts of evaluations

Author: Xu, Yuan

Source: Linköping University

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