Achieving Security in Messaging and Personal Content in Symbian Phones

This thesis describes two proposed schemes that could be used to secure mobile messaging (SMS/MMS) as well as one scheme that could be used to secure mobile content. The security services we considered in securing the mobile messages are confidentiality, authentication, non-repudiation and integrity. We used Identity Based Cryptography in order to secure the mobile messaging and Blowfish algorithm to secure the mobile content. Due to some of the disadvantages imposed by the Identity Based Cryptography, we recommended using it along with the RSA algorithm. The proposed schemes were implemented in java and tested on an actual device, Nokia N70. In addition, we measured the time required by each of the algorithms we used to encrypt/decrypt a certain number of bytes…


Chapter 1 : Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. Problem Definition
1.3. Research Questions
1.4. Research Approach
1.5. Contribution of Thesis
1.6. Related Work
1.7. Outline of the Thesis
Chapter 2 : The Symbian OS
2.1. Symbian OS Overview
2.2. Symbian OS Architecture
2.3. User Interface Platforms
2.4. Developing Applications under Symbian OS
Chapter 3 : Security Services Overview
3.1. Security Services
3.2. Public Key Authentication
Chapter 4 : Securing SMS, MMS and the Mobile Content
4.1. Achieving Security in Symbian Phones
4.2. Implementation of the Proposed Schemes
4.3. Discussions
Chapter 5 : Conclusion
Chapter 6 : Future Work

Author: Ahmed Enany

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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