Modeling and simulation of spacecraft dynamics using bond graph

A model that describes the orbital dynamics and another for the thermal behavior are obtained. The formalism used to represent them is the so- called Bond Graph. Their accuracy is checked with the aid of other softwares especially devoted to represent orbits (SPENVIS) and thermal behavior (FEMLAB). For each of these two models, estimators capable of dealing with the non- linearities are constructed. The next part consists of modeling the mechanical dynamics of the satellite also with Bond Graphs. This new sub-model is interconnected with the other two and an integrated model that represents the whole dynamics of the spacecraft is obtained. The final part is the composition of an estimator that takes as information the noisy measurements of few variables of the complete system. With this information and the knowledge of the model behavior, the estimator rebuilds the complete thermal distribution.

Author: Silva, Luis Ignacio

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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