This thesis (“ROLL CONTROL FOR UAVs BY USE OF A VARIABLE SPAN MORPHING WING“) presents variable span wing morphing (VSWM) as an effector of roll control for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In this study, the roll coefficients obtained from VSWM are quantified by theoretical and experimental data and compared with typical aileron roll coefficients. We see that small changes in span are an effective alternative to conventional ailerons for producing roll…


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Survey
2.1 State of the Art in Performance Morphing
2.1.1 Variable Sweep Wings
2.1.2 Variable Cambered Wings
2.1.3 Variable Span Wings
2.2 State of the Art in Roll Control
2.2.1 Conventional Roll Control
2.2.2 Morphing Roll Control
Chapter 3: Theoretical Prediction of VSMW Roll Moment
3.1 Finite Wing Theory Prediction
3.2 Comparison between Theoretical VSMW and Aileron Roll Coefficients
Chapter 4: Maryland Variable Span Morphing Wing
4.1 Wind Tunnel Model Development
4.1.1 The Pneumatic Actuator
4.1.2 Ribs
4.1.3 The Skin
4.1.4 Length Sensors
4.2 Wing Body Integration
4.3 Wind Tunnel Methodology
4.4 Aerodynamic Results
Chapter 5: Dynamics
5.1 Derivation of Morphing Moment Equations
5.2 Separation of Moment Equations into Baseline and Perturbation Terms
5.3 Special Case of a Steady Roll
5.4 Aerodynamic Considerations
5.4.1 Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Describing Steady Roll by VSWM
5.4.2 Comparison between VSMW ODE and Aileron ODE
Chapter 6: Conclusions and Future Work

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Author: Henry, Janisa Jernard

Source: University of Maryland

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