Speech quality investigation using PESQ in a simulated climax system for ATM

The demand for obtaining and maintaining a certain speech quality in systems and networks has grown the last years. It is getting more and more common with specifications of the quality instead of “-It sounds ok.”. The most accurate way to perform a quality test is to let users of the services express their opinion about the perceived quality. This subjective test method is unfortunately expensive and very time consuming. Lately new objective methods have been developed to replace these subjective tests. These new objective methods have high correlation to subjective tests, are fast and relatively cheap.

In this work the performance of one of these objective methods was investigated, where the main focus was on speech distorted by impairments commonly occurring in air traffic control radio transmissions. The software where the objective method is implemented was evaluated for recommendation for further usage. Some of the test cases were tested on people for a subjective judgment and then compared with the objective results.

Author: Storm, Alexander

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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