Strategic Sustainable Investing: Recognizing Value in Transitional Leadership

Institutional Investors own a large share of publicly traded companies, controlling a significant amount of the economy‟s working capital. These investors currently use little or no sustainability-related information to make their decisions, reinforcing a loop of increasingly unsustainable growth. This paper puts forward a new investment strategy that recognizes true movement towards sustainability and its link with bottom line benefits for investors: Strategic Sustainable Investing (SSI). To achieve this desired future, Institutional Investors must be able to recognize corporations that are strategically leading the transition towards sustainability. An Analysis Tool was developed to help address this need by identifying sectoral Emerging Sustainability Issues (ESI) using a consensus-based scientific definition of sustainability….


1 Introduction
1.1 Systematic Sustainability Challenge
1.2 Opportunities and Risks for Businesses
1.3 Traditional Investing
1.4 Backcasting as a Strategy
1.5 Strategic Sustainable Investing
1.6 Socially Responsible Investing
1.7 Gap Identification and Analysis
1.8 Research Question
2 Methods
2.1 Research Approach
2.1.1 Validity
2.1.2 Exploratory Research
2.1.3 Data Analysis: Identifying the Gaps
2.1.4 Addressing the Gap: Tool Creation
2.1.5 Expert Feedback
2.1.6 Tool Testing
2.1.7 Discussion and Debrief
3 Results
3.1 Section 1: Preliminary Version of the Strategic Sustainable Investment Analysis Tool
3.1.1 Sectoral Emerging Sustainability Issue (ESI) Chart
3.1.2 Strategy Analysis Component
3.2 Section 2: Expert Feedback
3.3 Section 3: Testing the Tool
4 Discussion
4.1 Boundaries
4.2 Validity
4.3 Implication of Results
4.3.1 Statement 1
4.3.2 Statement 2
4.3.3 Statement 3
4.3.4 Statement 4
4.4 Other Suggestions
4.5 Transparency
4.6 Practical Application
4.7 Refinements for SSI Analysis Tool
5 Conclusion
5.1 Recommendations

Author: Nicholas Blandford, Timothy Nash, André Winter

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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