Optimization of Castings by using Surrogate Models

In this thesis structural optimization of castings and thermomechanical analysis of castings are studied by using surrogate models. In this paper an optimization algorithm is created by using Matlab. The algorithm is linked to the commercial FE solver Abaqus by using Python script. The optimization algorithm uses the successive response surfaces methodology (SRSM) to create global response surfaces. It is shown that including residual stresses in structural optimization of castings yields an optimal shape that differs significantly from the one obtained when residual stresses are excluded…


1 Introduction
2 Structural Optimization
2.1 Surrogate Models
2.1.1 Analytical Response Surface
2.1.2 Neural Networks
2.1.3 Radial Basis Function Network
2.1.4 Kriging
3 Residual Stresses in Castings
4 Results
5 Summary of Appended Papers
5.1 Paper I
5.2 Paper II
5.3 Paper III
5.4 Paper IV

Source: Linköping University

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