Healing of titanium implants in iliac crest bone grafts

Bone grafts and titanium implants are normally employed for surgical/prosthetic treatment of the atrophic edentulous maxilla. The aspects that have an impact on bone graft recovery and implant integration aren’t adequately understood. The purpose of this dissertation ended up being to assess autogenous bone grafting and deferred placement of titanium endosteal implants for reconstruction of the atrophic maxilla, including the effects of various patient factors on bone graft healing and integration of titanium implants into grafted bone. A total of Forty six individuals with severe maxillary atrophy received onlay- (n=35) or interpositional bone grafts (n=11) and 6 mo. later received 341 titanium endosteal implants…….


Reconstruction of the edentulous atrophic
maxilla prior to implant treatment
Harvesting areas for autogenous bone grafts
Bone grafting techniques for reconstruction of \the atrophic edentulous maxilla
Bone, bone formation, bone remodelling
Bone healing
Autogenous bone graft healing
Integration of titanium implants in bone
Non-invasive test methods for assessment of implant stability and osseointegration
Follow up
Implant failure and clinical consequences
Study outlines for the present dissertation
Microimplants (Papers I and II)
Bone volume fraction (Paper V)
Resonance frequency analysis (Papers III – V)
Marginal bone height (Paper IV)
Graft volume change (Paper V)
Haematological analyses (Paper V)
Bone mineral density (Paper V)
Implant survival and failure (Papers III – V)
Literature survey (Paper IV)
Microimplants (Papers I and II)
Resonance frequency analysis (Papers III and IV)
Marginal bone height (Paper IV)
Graft volume change (Paper V)
Haematological analyses (Paper V)
Bone mineral density (Paper V)
Bone volume fraction (Paper V)
Individual implant survival and failure (Papers III – IV)
Implant failure registered on patient basis (Paper V)
Literature survey (Paper IV) 49
Surgical techniques
Bone graft
Graft volume change
Resonance frequency analysis (RFA)…….
Source: Umea University

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