Profile Based Topology Control and Routing in Wireless Optical Networks

The problem of topology control and routing of bandwidth-guaranteed flows over wireless optical backbone networks is addressed. The input is a potential topology and a traffic profile. The constraints are that of limited interfaces at each node and the limited link bandwidth…


1.1 Motivation
1.2 Related Work
1.3 Proposed Heuristics
1.4 Contribution
1.5 Thesis Organization
2 Network Model and Problem Statement
2.1 Network Model
2.2 Problem Statement
3 Rollout Algorithms
3.1 Integrated Topology Control and Routing Framework
3.1.1 Issues in Integrated Topology Control and Routing
3.2 Rollout Algorithms for Topology Control and Routing
3.2.1 Basic Rollout Algorithm
3.2.2 Rollout Algorithms for Topology Control and Routing Base Heuristic Index Rollout Algorithm Route Rollout Algorithm Sequential Rollout Algorithm Integrated Rollout Algorithm
3.3 Computational Complexity
3.4 Simulation Results and Analysis
3.4.1 Simulation Set 1
3.4.2 Simulation Set 2 Comparison under Different Traffic Load Conditions
3.5 Online Routing and Admission Control
3.5.1 Simulation Results and Analysis
4 Extension of Rollout Algorithms
4.1 Routing as Multi-commodity Flow Problem
4.2 Extended Rollout Algorithms
4.3 Simulation Results and Discussion
4.3.1 Simulation Set 1
4.3.2 Simulation Set 2
4.4 Comparison with Single Path Rollout Algorithms
5 Heuristics using Matching Theory
5.1 Matching Theory
5.2 Application of Matching Theory to Topology Control
5.2.1 Giving Initial Weight to Edges
5.2.2 Mapping to Maximum Weight Matching Perfect Matching using Maximum Weight Matching Algorithm
5.2.3 Topology Change Strategy
5.3 Incorporating Fairness
5.3.1 Extended Multi-commodity Flow Formulation
5.4 Computational Complexity
5.5 Simulation Results and Discussion
5.5.1 Simulation Set 1
5.5.2 Simulation Set 2
6 Conclusion

Author: Kashyap, Abhishek

Source: University of Maryland

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