Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices

Because of technological advancement, transistor dimensions are approaching the length scale of the electron Fermi wavelength, on the order of only nanometers. In this regime, quantum mechanical phenomena will dominate electron transport. Using InAs single quantum wells, we have fabricated Y-shaped electron…


Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Organization of Thesis
Chapter 2: Low Dimensional Physics
2.1 Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
2.2 One-Dimensional Electron Systems
2.3 Zero-Dimensional Electron Systems
Chapter 3: InAs Y-Branch Switch
3.1 InAs Y-Branch Switch Introduction
3.2 InAs Single Quantum Well
3.3 InAs Fabrication
3.4 InAs Cross Junction
3.5 InAs Quantum Point Contact
3.6 InAs Y-Branch Switch
3.7 InAs Y-Branch Switch Analysis
3.8 Y-Branch Switch Simulation
3.9 InAs Y-Branch Switch Conclusion
Chapter 4: InAs Single Electron Transistor
4.1 InAs SET Introduction
4.2 InAs Composite Quantum Well
4.3 InAs Hall Bar
4.4 InAs SET Structure
4.5 MIS Simulation
4.6 InAs SET Fabrication
4.7 InAs SET Characterization at 4.2K
4.8 InAs SET Analysis
4.9 InAs SET Conclusion
Chapter 5: Silicon Single Electron Transistor
5.1 Silicon SET Introduction
5.2 Silicon SET Device Structure
5.3 Silicon Ohmic Contacts
5.4 Characterization of the BCB Dielectric
5.5 Silicon Hall Bar
5.6 Silicon SET Fabrication
4.7 Silicon SET Transport Characteristics at 4.2K
4.8 Silicon SET Analysis
4.9 Silicon SET Conclusion
Chapter 6: Perspective

Author: Jones, Gregory Millington

Source: University of Maryland

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