Undercover Marketing: The method which lies beneath

A coming of age of a generation named Generation Y, which holds negative views on commercial messages, has resulted in the need of special marketing methods which are known to be more alternative. Guerrilla Marketing, being such a method holds beneath it Undercover Marketing which is another method and has the potential of reaching this generation.

Purpose: Our purpose is firstly to define a theoretical placement of Undercover Marketing, secondly to define the theoretical views on ethics regarding the mentioned term and thirdly to see if there is a future, a will, and knowledge for its usage within the Swedish community of marketing practitioners.


1 Welcome to hidden world of Undercover Marketing
1.1 In search for gold
1.2 Even if we reach the gold, can we use it and how?
1.3 What is our aim with this thesis?
1.4 Disposition
1.5 Delimitations
1.6 Definitions
2 Choosing the digging tool
2.1 Research Design
2.2 Research Method
2.2.1 Personal interviews
2.2.2 Literature references
2.2.3 Sample
2.2.4 Data Analysis
2.3 Validity and relevance
3 The road to the gold-dig
3.1 Marketing Communication
3.2 Integrated Marketing Communication
3.3 Undercover Marketing
3.4 Guerrilla Marketing
3.4.1 How Guerrilla marketing can be used and its UCM connection
3.5 Viral Marketing
3.5.1 How exactly does VM connect with UCM?
3.6 Word-of-Mouth, how does it get around?
3.6.1 The negative WoM and the UCM connection
3.7 Conclusion of the first purpose and answer to Pillar 1
3.8 Ethics, moral and UCM
3.8.1 VBMA and WOMMA debate
3.9 Conclusion of the second purpose and answer to Pillar 2
4 Field work! Digging for the gold
4.1 Introducing the actors
4.1.1 Frank Kommunikation AB
4.1.2 Miami Advertising Agency AB
4.1.3 STROBE
4.2 Silvia
4.2.1 Mikael Larsson
5 The gold analysis
5.1 Generation Y
5.2 Guerrilla Marketing
5.3 Viral Marketing and Undercover Marketing
5.4 Word-of-Mouth
5.5 Ethics
6 Is the gold worth the excavation?
7 The miners’ discussion
Appendix 1 – Interview guide in Swedish
Appendix 2 – Interview guide in English
Appendix 3 – VBMA Manifesto 1: Mission and Affiliation
Appendix 4 – Word of Mouth Marketing Code of Ethics

Author: Stenberg, Karolina,Pracic, Sabina

Source: Jönköping University

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