Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services

Recent years have seen enormous growth of internet-based utility services. Such infrastructural support provides fertile ground for the cultivation of knowledge-based practices, driving the development of low-cost, mass-market tools for knowledge sharing. IT Knowledge Services are the programs that provide content-based organizational outputs to meet end-user requirements. A major obstacle in the adaptation of IT knowledge services and markets is the sceptic behaviour of the end-users. This thesis addresses the problem of how to manage consumer confidence in the IT knowledge services. Value chain analysis is employed for this objective….


1. Introduction
1.1. Context and Motivation
1.2. Research Focus
1.3. Scope of the Thesis
1.4. Outline of the Thesis
2. Literature Review
2.1. Value Chain Analysis
2.2. Consumer Confidence Management
2.3. IT Knowledge Services
3. Research Findings
3.1. Methodology Used
3.2. Results Obtained
3.2.1. Results of Primary Data Analysis
3.2.2. Results of Secondary Data Analysis
4. Recommendations and Conclusions
4.1. Recommendations
4.2. Conclusions
5. References

Author: Syed Salar Hussain Naqvi

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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