Use of waste ash: effects of the law

This study is a comparison of Swedish and Danish legislation on recycling of MSWI (Municipal Solid Waste Incineration) residues for construction purposes. The aim has been to look for differences and figure out whether these could be a reason for the minor use of MSWI ashes in Sweden compared to Denmark. To do this, text analysis has been performed on Swedish and Danish environmental legislation with focus on recycling of incineration ashes for constructions.In Denmark, use of incineration ashes was very common and large amounts…


1. Introduction
2. Method
2.1 Text analysis
2.2 Analysed legislation
2.3 The weaknesses of text analysis
2.4 Interpretations and references
3. Framework legislation
4. Results
4.1 Swedish legislation
4.2 Danis h legislation
5. Discussion
5.1 Sweden in focus
5.2 Denmark in focus
5.3 The influence of legislation
5.4 Other influencing factors
6. Conclusions
7. Acknowledgements
8. References
8.1 Swedish legislation
8.2 Danish legislation

Author: Håkansson, Jenny

Source: Linköping University

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