WiMAX: An analysis of the existing technology and compare with the cellular networks

Broadband access technology has significant influences in the telecommunication industry. Worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) is a broadband wireless technology which brings broadband experience to a wireless context. There are two different types of broadband wireless services…


1.1 Thesis Goal
1.2 Background
1.3 Purpose
WiMAX overview
2.1 History of WiMAX
2.2 IEEE 802.16 Extensions
2.2.1 IEEE 802.16 a
2.2.2 IEEE 802.16 b
2.2.3 IEEE 802.16 c
2.2.4 IEEE 802.16d
2.2.5 IEEE 802.16 e
2.2.6 IEEE 802.16f
2.2.7 IEEE 802.16 g
2.3 Features of WiMAX
WiMAX technology
3.1 Protocol layers of WiMAX
3.2 WiMAX physical layer
3.2.1 OFDM basics
3.2.2 OFDM data transmission
3.2.3 Time and Frequency domain OFDM
3.2.4 OFDM parameters
3.2.5 OFDM subchannelization
3.2.6 OFDM multiple-access strategies
3.2.7 OFDM advantage and disadvantage
3.2.8 WiMAX modulation technology
3.3 WiMAX MAC layer
3.3.1 MAC layer details
3.3.2 MAC PDU
3.3.3 WiMAX PDU transmission technique
3.3.4 MAC layer features
3.4 WiMAX Architecture and other technical facts
3.4.1 Design of WiMAX
3.4.2 Mechanism of WiMAX technology
3.4.3 WiMAX mobility management .
3.4.4 Power control and management in WiMAX
3.4.5 WiMAX smart antenna mechanism
3.4.6 Spectrum Management in WiMAX
3.4.7 WiMAX network topology
3.5 Quality of Service
3.5.1 WiMAX QoS architecture
3.6 WiMAX Security
3.6.1 Threats in Physical layer
3.6.2 Security Association
3.6.3 WiMAX encryption method
3.5.4 Authentication and Access Control in WiMAX network
Cellular and other similar broadband wireless technology
4.1 How cellular network works
4.2 Evolution to the path of high speed data capacity
4.3 3G cellular system
4.3.1 3G network architecture
4.3.2 3G modulation and spreading techniques
4.4 Wi-Fi Technology
4.4.1 Wi-Fi services
4.4.2 Technical overview of Wi-Fi…

Author: Mohammad Saiful Islam, Mohammad Tawhidul Alam

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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