Investigation of Primary Grade Writing Instruction

This study was designed to gather information regarding the writing practices of primary grade teachers across the United States. Surveys were sent to a random sample of 300 first, second, and third grade teachers (100 at each grade level) asking them a variety of questions regarding their writing programs. Of these teachers, 178 responded to the survey (61% response rate). Results showed that 72% of teachers employed a writing approach…

Chapter I
Concerns About Students’ Writing Performance
What We Currently Know About Primary Grade Writing Instruction
Statement of Problem
Purpose of This Study
Research Questions
Chapter II Review of Literature
Observational Studies
Observational and Survey/Interview Studies
Survey Studies
Summarizing Instructional Activities Investigated in Professional Literature
Summarizing Additional Instructional Activities Found in Writing Methods Books
Chapter III Method
Participant Selection
Survey Instrument
Instrument Reliability and Validity
Scale Reliability
Field Test
Conducting the Survey
Research Question 1
Research Question 2….
Chapter IV
Research Question 1
Research Question….
Writing Activities Commonly Included in a Process-Approach to Writing Instruction
Instructional Methods or Supports Used During Writing Instruction
Assessment Techniques Used During Writing Instruction
Strategies Used to Extend Writing to the Home
Alternative Methods of Composing Used During Writing Instruction
Writing in Other Areas of the Curriculum
Influence of No Child Left Behind on Respondents’ Writing Programs
Additional Information Provided by Respondents
Chapter V Discussion
Summary of Findings
Strengths and Limitations……..
Source: University of Maryland

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