XML Web Services and the paradigm shift in the Telecom Industry

There are a lot of changes happening in the telecom industry now since the Telecom and Internet is converging. Another thing playing a big role is that the new technology, Web Services, is emerging. Since new technology and changes in businesses goes hand in hand, there is a need to map these changes and see how to make money of the new technology in the telecom industry.


1. Reading Instructions
2. When Technology Enables, Business Changes
2.1. Mobile Internet
2.1.1.Actors in the Mobile Internet Roles for Existing Actors
2.2. The Emergence of Web Services Services – a Cheaper Alternative is a Web Service?
2.3. Problem Formulation
2.4. Purpose
2.5. Method
2.5.1.Three kinds of investigation
2.5.3.Empirical study
2.5.4.The work
3. The Different Actors
3.1. What’s happening?
3.1.1.New Roles for Existing Players of the Role of Content provider, Service provider and Portal of the role of Terminal & Infrastructure vendors of the role of Mobile Network Operator
3.1.2.Emerging New Roles
4. The Rise of B-webs
4.1. What is a Business Model?
4.2. Value Chains – the Framework of the Economy
4.2.1.The Linear Value Chain
4.2.2.Value Chain, Value Shop and Value Network
4.2.3.The Business Web Rise of Value Threads Types of b-webs Chain B-Web networks
5. Analysis – Web Services
5.1. Why Web Services?
5.2. Timeline for Profits and Value Creation
5.3. Timing
5.3.1. The Technology Adoption Life Cycle Chasms in the Curve the Chasm
5.3.2. Position of Web Services – today and tomorrow
5.3.3. Early Adopters of Web Services Adoption
6. Analysis – Business Models
6.1. Pricing model
6.1.1.For Web Services
6.1.2.In the telecom industry
6.1.3.The difference between the industries
6.2. Examples of business model
6.2.3.NTT DoCoMo’s
6.3. Will Web Services Change Business Models?
6.3.1.Business Model for Web Services
7. Analysis – The Telecom Industry
7.1. Value flow in the telecom industry
7.2. The Emergence of New Markets The Convergence New Technology – Web Services development environment Service Layer
7.2.2.Strategy for C&A Providers Bridges
7.2.3.The operators’ new roles Relationship between C&A Providers, End-User and Operator
7.2.4.Strategy for the operator
7.2.5.Business Models in the Telecom Industry using Web Services
8. Conclusion
8.1. Key points
8.1.1.Web Services
8.1.2.Mobile Internet
8.1.3.Business models
8.2. Further Research
9. Self-criticism
10. List of References

Author: Pia Fristedt, Maria Hedvall

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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