Adding Value to Hotel Loyalty Programs for both Guest and Hotel

Loyalty programs are commonly utilized in the travel and leisure industry, in fact cases where airlines, hire-car agencies and hotels aren’t part of a program are uncommon. Loyalty Programs inspire and reward customer loyalty as well as enable an organization to discover certain info about an individual’s patterns and behaviour. Having said that while these programs are extensively used very little has been published regarding them in travel and tourism marketing materials. This research has 3 objectives, to evaluate the Scandinavian hotel loyalty program marketplace, to analyse member/non-member behaviour and attitudes and also to get conclusions as to what is likely to make loyalty programs more useful for both the member and hotel. Test data had been gathered from international hotel chains within Scandinavia, from members of the RicaCard loyalty program and using a survey of the general population of Gothenburg, Sweden. The key outcomes established that minor differentiation existed when it comes to design and to a lesser degree variety of rewards within the industry and that visitors where usually members of many programs. The findings recommended that by offering members more chance to invest in a program…

Contents: Adding Value to Hotel Loyalty Programs for both Guest and Hotel

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Problem Discussion
1.3 The focus and purpose of this study
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Relationship Marketing
2.3 Customer Loyalty.
2.4 Customer Loyalty Programs
3.1 Member attitudes and behaviour towards loyalty programs
3.2 The Current Marketplace
3.3 Summary
4.1 Unprompted Member values towards Hotel Loyalty Programs
4.2 Attitudes and Behaviour towards specific Loyalty Program Elements
4.3 The Marketplace
4.4 Generic Loyalty Program Design
5.1 Overview
5.2 Loyalty Programs from a Customer Perspective
5.3 Loyalty Programs from a Hotel Perspective
6.1 Many Demographics – One Program
6.2 Building Commitment
6.3 Influencing the members attitude…

Source: Goteborg University

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