Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is actually a strategy made to promote customer loyalty, relationship and long-term engagement. Relationship marketing describes a set up where both customer and vendor are interested in providing a more satisfying exchange. Relationship marketing is different from other types of marketing in that it acknowledges the long-term value of customer relationships and extends communication past intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages. According to Liam Alvey, relationship marketing can be applied when you can find competitive product alternatives for customers to choose from; and when there’s an continuing and periodic desire for the product or service. This section is dedicated to relationship marketing projects, relationship marketing project topics, samples, dissertation and relationship marketing thesis. Use the links given below to view available projects.

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Third party logistics a project report

This report is on "Determinants of customer partnering behavior in logistics outsourcing relationships: a relationship marketing perspective" Establishing close connections with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) has long been recognized in the literary works as a valuable technique for third-party logistics 3PLs and customer organizations. It has actually been shown that consumers embedded in close associations with 3PLs accomplish higher degrees of operational and financial performance. 3PLs also take advantage of participating in these relationships by producing greater degrees of client satisfaction, ...

Project category: Marketing, Operations Management
The role of interactive media in relationship marketing

This dissertation is about how a organization in the healthcare sector can use interactive media in customer communication, as a way to strengthen relations. The aim is to discuss how the consumers in Europe would love to get information and get in touch with the suppliers, research the likelihood of using Internet/e-mail and telemarketing and also to offer a suggestion for future communication with these media. We present and give an understanding of crucial concepts required for solving the research ...

Project category: Marketing
Adding Value to Hotel Loyalty Programs for both Guest and Hotel

Loyalty programs are widely used in the tourism and hospitality industry, indeed instances where airlines, hire-car agencies and hotels are not part of a program are rare. Loyalty Programs not only encourage and reward customer loyalty but allow a company to learn specific details about an individual’s patterns and behaviour.

Project category: Management Misc
The Creation of Customer Loyalty – A Qualitative Research of the Bank Sector

The purpose of this dissertation is to find out which parameters service companies are using in order to create customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Theories that we have chosen to consider deal with relationship marketing, service quality, different types of loyalty, customer value, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, loyalty programs, customer clubs, monetary benefits and social bonds.

Project category: Marketing
An analysis of B2B relationship quality among Iranian managers

The phase relationship marketing has recently received a great deal of attention from both academics and practitioners. Interaction theory has emphasized the importance of relationships in business-to-business markets. For many firms it is important to develop relationships. To create a successful relationship is the goal of relationship development. Obstacles make businesses unwilling to change business suppliers or customers. Because of benefits of stability businesses look for successful long-term relationships. Therefore, factors that seem to lead to a successful relationship should ...

Project category: Marketing
Online Marketing: A study of users’ attitudes in the context of Blogs and Communities

The internet as we know it took off during the early 1990s, when the World Wide Web (WWW) protocol was invented, and has since then become incorporated as the backbone of advanced economies. The Internet has opened up new opportunities for companies to market and sell their products online. In the early days of internet marketing and still some of the more widely used methods are Pop-ups and Banners. Earlier research and ...

Project category: Marketing
CRM in Fashion Companies for men’s wear

This thesis studies Customer Relationships Management (CRM) in Fashion companies for men. The business approach CRM arose in the late 1990s from the principles of relationship marketing and it became a well used strategy by managers within all types of industries (Stone, 2004). This strategy contains three main areas; technical solutions, IT and Internet solutions and an approach to manage customer relationships (Payne, 2006). CRM as an approach to manage customer relationships is seen as an attitude and ...

Project category: Marketing
Customer Relationship Management: how a CRM system can be used in the sales process

The conditions for doing business are rapidly changing. Consumptions patterns are different, there are new technologies for distributing and collecting information, and the competition on the market is increasing domestically as well as globally. In order for companies to survive and grow they must find new ways of thinking, which has led to that new approaches has emerged in marketing research. First, Relationship Marketing appeared and now Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is in the center of interest. CRM highlights the ...

Project category: Marketing
How co-operation can deliver added value to customers: from the customers view

The ways to do business are changing and relationships are becoming more important. One big change in relationship marketing is that companies are co-operating in many different ways. These different forms of co-operation have been a big part of this research since the theories are not consistent and business people do not have a clear picture of what concept of co- operation they are working with. The purpose of this study is to reach an understanding of how co-operation between ...

Project category: SSM
Customer Relationship Management within the United States Automotive Industry

During the last decade, increasing attention has been given to relationship marketing as a way to enhance cooperation between a selling company and its customers and bring benefits to both parties. Relationship marketing allows a selling company to better meet competition and exceed their competitors, and hence relationship marketing becomes an important determinator of success in the increasingly competitive business world of today. One method of relationship marketing is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The purpose of this thesis has been to ...

Project category: Marketing

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