Spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions: Possibilities and limitations

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) represent a significant issue in society as well as in drug therapy. They’re a standard reason for short-term hospitalization, prolonged hospitalization and death. Spontaneous reporting of ADRs continues to be certainly the most efficient strategies to finding new and serious drug reactions. In Sweden health professionals are lawfully instructed to report fatal and serious ADRs. We all know from prior studies that there’s a considerable amount of under-reporting of ADRs. Behaviour towards reporting of ADRs adverse drug reactions among health professionals in the northern region of Sweden had been looked into utilizing a list of questions. The main factor for not reporting ADRs among medical professionals and general practioners in our location was that the reaction was regarded as being well known. Yet, their attitudes may also enable a considerable rate of under-reporting. The result on the reporting rate when nurses received instruction and were motivated to report ADRs was studied. After a 12-month study period, 18 ADR reports with a total number of 22 ADRs were submitted by the nurses taking part in the study to test nurses as reporters of ADRs. Making use of the Swedish ADR database, we computed the risk of agranulocytosis linked to the use of metamizole by using consumption data from the case records of scrutinized patients’ and stored prescriptions…

Contents: Spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions

Aims of the Thesis
The Birth of Organized Spontaneous Reporting ADR Reporting
Spontaneous ADR adverse drug reactions Reporting Today
Different Ways and Methods for Detecting of ADRs
Spontaneous Reporting of ADRs in Sweden
Under-reporting of ADRs
Using Prescription Data and Reported ADRs adverse drug reactions
Spontaneous Reporting of ADRs by Doctors, Nurses and Others
The Future of Spontaneous Reporting of ADRs adverse drug reactions …

Source: Umea University

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