As today there is no doubt that a wireless revolution has arrived. As internet communication is growing stronger, more suitable and advanced techniques are used to integrate offices and home based networks to this new standard. A still somewhat sleeping and awaiting market actor to this new technology is the industrial one. The Blueboat application is meant to replace cables in a military marine system, showing that the wireless solution is as least as good and more flexible as the traditional based on cables. Our task was to send system information such as course, speed and depth from an internal rack to a client computer via Bluetooth. The system information is to be received, interpreted and logged on some kind of software (Bluboat) at the client computer…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 How to read this report
1.3 Concept
1.4 Requirements specification
1.5 Issues
2 Hardware
2.1 Bluetooth
2.1.1 Bluetooth air interface
2.1.2 Bluetooth networking
2.1.3 Bluetooth device
2.1.4 Bluetooth security
2.1.5 Problems in security of Bluetooth
2.1.6 Bluetooth interference
2.2 Microcontroller
2.2.1 Atmel STK500/STK501
2.2.2 Basic stamp
3 Software
3.1 AVR studio 4
3.2 Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
3.3 National Instrument
3.5 IAR ICC Version 6
4 Construction
4.1 MCU program
4.1.1 Initialize MCU
4.1.2 Initialize Bluetooth
4.1.3 Receiving data packets from data panel to MCU
4.1.4 Build ACL-packet
4.1.5 Send ACL-data
4.2 Blueboat Software
4.2.1 Blueboat structure
4.2.2 Bluetooth setup
4.3 Connecting to the MCU
4.3.1 Show incoming data
4.3.2 Save incoming data
4.3.3 Show saved data
5 Results
6 Conclusions
6.2 Codevision
7 Glossary
8 References
9 Appendix

Author: Ola Nilsson, Tedh Stjärnborg

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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