Brain computer interface & social interaction

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is a direct communication path between the brain and an external device. In this project, we will discuss whether employing a brain-computer interface (BCI) influences the social interaction among individuals while taking part in a cooperative game? This project provides answers to this question by determining the level of speech, utterances, instrumental gestures and emphatic gestures in a cooperative game in which a couple of individuals had to reach a standard goal. We will also ask questions to members with regards to their own experience. Three selection strategies are compared; point and click, BCI and timed selection which is a selection method similar in difficulty as brain-computer interface selection. The outcomes reveal that social interaction changed when making use of BCI in comparison with using point and click, there was clearly an increased level of utterances and emphatic gestures. This means that the competitors automatically responded more to the higher difficultly of the BCI selection method. Participants also noted that they believed they cooperated far better during the use of the point and click.

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1.1 Background
1.2 Motivation and Goals
1.3 Approach
1.4 Structure of report
2 Related work
2.1 What is social interaction?
2.2 Inducing social interaction
2.3 Measuring factors that influence social interaction
2.3.1 Cognitive load
2.4 Measuring social interaction in games
2.5 Conclusion
3 Study environment
3.1 Selecting brain-computer interface method
3.2 Selection task and game environment
3.3 Finding Brain-computer interface BCI parameters for a game environment
3.4 The game Mind the Sheep!
3.4.1 The GEHMI game engine
3.4.2 Modalities
3.4.3 The game
3.4.4 Agents
3.4.5 Multiplayer
3.5 Selection
3.5.1 Point and click
3.5.2 Brain-computer interface BCI selection
3.5.3 Timed-selection
4 Methodology of the experiment
4.1 Subjects
4.2 Experimental setup…..

Source: University of Twente

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