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Business Process Modeling

This project provides a method to easily convert business rules, written in the PA-notation, to business processes, modeled in BPMN. Business process modeling is now being rapidly employed as a way of business process improvement, perhaps as a way to assess or speed up the business process. Business process modeling utilizes business process modeling languages to establish the business process.

Brain computer interface & social interaction

A brain-computer interface is actually a direct communication route involving the brain and an external device. In this particular project, we are going to focus on whether or not using a brain-computer interface (BCI) has a bearing on the social interaction between individuals while taking part in a cooperative game. We also discuss about factors that influence social interaction.

Multi-source entity resolution

In this report our main target is multi-source entity resolution in the setting of pair-wise data integration. Unlike the majority of present solutions to entity resolution this study will not consider matching to be transitive. A result of this is that entity

Streaming workflow transformation

This dissertation offers 1. a formal model for streaming workflows tailored for transformation and 2. transformation rules for streaming workflows described based on that formal model. The validity of the transformation rules is shown by formally proofing equivalence. The validity of the

Efficient pointcut projection

In aspect-oriented programming languages pointcuts identify run-time events that trigger execution of additional features. Pointcuts normally have a pattern-based static element choosing guidelines whose execution activates an event, for example a pattern which picks method-call instructions depending on the target method’s name.