Budget Process in a Hotel – A Case Study of Novotel

The objective of this project is to study and analyse the budget process at Novotel. There’s been loads of dialogue regarding the significance of the budget but until now many organisations decide to have one. The reason behind a budget is usually to plan and coordinate a business. A business might use the budget like a device of control to direct business units. For Novotel the budget is a vital tool for steering. The managements acting in the use of budget as a device of steering are crucial. It’s important for the administration to develop the staff trust. In several organizations the budget is processed with the aid of professionals without a conversation with the involved business units whether it’s fairprevious years outcome of sales and little consideration is taken to the department’s judgement during the operational year. The authors will also create a survey, how the budget are experienced by the various divisions that we have researched. Limitations: We’ve picked to examine only 1 firm. We want to point out that this example can’t be linked to other companies. Method: We’ve chosen to make a case study about the budget process at Novotel. This dissertation is dependant on a qualitative approach. We’ve basically used 2 approaches to accumulate the details we need to be able to achieve our objectives. We’ve selected to gather the main information by means of interviews with folks at the organization that we have selected. Result and conclusions: The thesis provides a in depth survey of the budget process in Novotel and how it’s prepared, implemented and followed up…

Contents: Budget Process in a Hotel – Budgeting Process

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Presentation Of Novotel
1.3 Problem Description
1.4 Question At Issue
1.5 Purpose
1.6 Delimitations
2 Method
2.1 Case Study
2.2 Qualitative Interviews
2.3 Objectivity
2.4 Collection Of Data
2.5 Reliability/Validity
2.6 Criticism Of The Sources
3 Budgeting
3.1 The Budget
3.2 History Of A Budget
3.3 Increased Need For Economical Management
3.4 Leadership Styles And Budget
3.5 Different Means Of Control For Budgeting
3.6 Budget In Different Lines Of Businesses
3.7 The Budget Process
3.7.1 Planning
3.7.2 Budget Disposition
3.7.3 Principles Of Budgeting
3.7.4 Different Types Of Budgets
3.7.5 Budget Follow Up
3.7.6 Reasons To Deviations
3.7.7 Reports
3.8 Criticism Of Budgeting
4 Interviews At Novotel
4.1 Background
4.2 The Purpose Of The Budget
4.3 The Budget Process
4.3.1 The Planning Work
4.3.2 Implementation And Follow Up
4.3.3 Reporting
4.4 Advantages And Disadvantages
4.5 Alternative
5 Analysis And Discussion
5.1 The Budget Process
5.1.1 Planning
5.1.2 Implementation
5.1.3 Follow Up
5.2 The Benefit Of The Budget
5.3 How The Budget Is Experienced
5.4 The Bonus System
6 Conclusion
6.1 The Purpose Of The Thesis
6.2 The Budget Process
6.3 Different View On The Budge
6.4 The Budget As A Steering Tool….

Source: Goteborg University

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