Business ethics & corporate governance in Hong Kong NPOS

The problem under investigation was: ethical issues in non-profit I governance. The participants in this study were: executive and non-executive directors of non-profit organizations in Hong Kong. The method, data gathering procedures and complete test names were: Pilot study – structured interview for nine participants and mailed questionnaire for 300 respondents. Main survey – mailed questionnaire for the remaining 827 respondents. The statistical programme used was – IBM SAS Canonical Correlation Analysis, Cancorr. The findings, including statistical significance levels were: Significant correlation at confidence level of over 0.95 has been found between the motive of social responsibility, and behavioural norms, roles, official responsibility, power base, actual performance, access to information and evaluation of performance. The conclusions and implications or applications are: The need to use Stakeholder Theory to complement Agency and Stewardship Theories in nonprofit governance to achieve more effective board and organizational performance.

Author: Cheng, Wai-kei

Source: City University of Hong Kong

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