Chief Information Officer: A business strategy resource?

The Information Technology (from now on IT) market is changing rapidly, what is considered modern to day might very well be outdated tomorrow. This has forced organizations to view IT as a continuously changing organism that needs to be controlled. Strategies are formed years in advance, often in combination with the business strategy. This has led to organizations creating a new role, the Chief Information Officer.

This thesis aims at describing the CIO role from the perspective of two interviews and the literature on the subject. Our research questions mainly focus on the actual work of a CIO and are answered by providing a framework on how to view the CIO and the influence of the CIO. Influence meaning both on business and IT strategy….


1 Introduction
1.1 Problem and background
1.2 Purpose
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 Key concepts
2.1.1 Chief Information Officer
2.1.2 Chief Executive Officer
2.1.3 IT manager
2.1.4 Relationship between key concepts
2.2 Strategic Alignment
3 Method
3.1 Data Collection
3.2 Sources of Information
3.2.1 Interviews Interview Guide Questions
3.3 Past Research
3.3.1 Literature
3.3.2 Internet
3.4 Weaknesses
3.5 Analyzing the Empirical Findings
4 Empirical findings
4.1 Posten AB
4.1.1 Background
4.1.2 Role
4.1.3 Strategic work
4.1.4 Primary concerns
4.2 Jönköping University
4.2.1 Background
4.2.2 Role
4.2.3 Strategic Work
4.2.4 Primary concerns
4.3 Comparison
4.3.1 Tasks and Responsibilities
4.3.2 Strategic alignment
4.3.3 Roles
4.3.4 Primary function
5 Analysis
5.1 Tasks and Responsibilities
5.1.1 Analyzing tasks and Responsibilities
5.2 Aligning IT with business objectives
5.2.1 Analysis of the Strategic Alignment
5.3 Roles
5.3.1 Analyzing the CIO Role
5.4 Primary function
5.4.1 Analyzing the Primary Function of a CIO
5.5 Conclusion
Reference list

Author: Forsberg, Niclas,Wahlberg, Lars-Åke,Bengtsson, Johan

Source: Jönköping University

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