Partners’ Attributions and Level of Commitment as Predictors of Constructive and Destructive Behavior in Discussions of Relationship Conflicts

This study investigated whether clinical couples’ levels of commitment to their relationship and their tendencies to make negative attributions about their partner are related to their use of constructive and destructive behavior during couple conflict. Secondary analyses were conducted on assessment data from 52 couples who sought couple therapy at a university-based clinic…


Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Statement of the Problem
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Review of Literature
1.3.1 Conflict in Couple Relationships
1.3.2 Attributions and Partners’ Behavior Concerning Areas of Conflict
1.3.3 Commitment and Partners’ Behavior Concerning Areas of Conflict
1.4 Definitions of Variables
1.4.1 Independent Variables
1.4.2 Dependent Variables
1.5 Hypotheses
1.6 Research Questions
Chapter 2: Methodology
2.1 Sample
2.2 Instruments
2.3 Procedure
Chapter 3: Results
3.1 Descriptive Statistics on Measures of the Variables
3.2 Analyses for Hypothesis #1
3.3 Analyses for Hypothesis #2
3.4 Analyses for Hypothesis #3
3.5 Analyses for Research Question #1
3.6 Analyses for Research Question #2
3.7 Analyses for Research Question #3
Chapter 4: Discussion
4.1 Gender Differences in Constructive and Destructive Behavior
4.2 The Relationship Between Negative Attributions and Conflict Behavior….


Author: Larsen, Ashley Nicole

Source: University of Maryland

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