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Quality, costs and the role of primary health care

The actual intent of this dissertation is to explain and assess the function of primary care in health care systems in relation to health, health care utilisation and costs, and to study the viability of retrieval of data from computerised medical records to evaluate medical quality. The personal physician and continuity of care were central components to make this happen.

Adult Coeliac Disease in Clinical Practice

Coeliac disease (CD) is considered to be the result of a complex interplay of intrinsic (genetic) factors and variable extrinsic (environmental) factors. The complex background of CD explains its wide spectrum of clinical manifestations. For a very long time CD was considered more or less a disease of childhood, which was extremely rare in adults. Nowadays we know that CD is one of the most common food intolerance disorders.

Chest pain and ischemic heart disease: Diagnosis and management in primary health care

In patients consulting for chest pain, it is of great importance to evaluate the possibility of ischemic heart disease (IHD). The aims in this thesis were to investigate the accuracy of the general practitioners’ clinical assessments and the applicability of exercise testing and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy (MPS) in patients consulting for chest pain in primary care.