Indian Business Ventures abroad

India started opening its economy a decade ago to integrate with global economy. Several economic reforms have been undertaken during this period with the hope that India will soon merge as a global player. There is a need to review the developments and take necessary corrective action. It is necessary because globalisation and integration with the world economy is a double-edged sword. If necessary care is not taken the country may become only a global market rather than emerging as a global player. This paper examines the patterns of India Business Ventures Abroad, both in the form of subsidiaries and joint ventures over a period of 50 years since independence. The analysis reveals that there has been a significant increase in the activity. The ventures, however, have been concentrated to only a few, about a dozen, countries. The study also shows that there is a noticeable preference towards subsidiary mode of operation. Further, there are country-wise patterns of prefere…

Author: Krishna, Kumar

Source: Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

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