Knowledge driven preprocessing for weld simulations

Being a supplier of products and services in numerous military and civilian fields, Volvo Aero Corporation develops and manufactures advanced components for aircraft engines.

By being aware of and reusing knowledge in the form of expertise and engineering know-how throughout the whole organization large time-savings can be made. The knowledge allows for alternative studies where different configurations can be compared and balanced. A method called Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) can act as a valuable tool to help capturing this knowledge and guaranteeing quality of a product.

The work described in this thesis focuses on developing methods to support the generation of a weld simulation model used for a jet engine component. The geometry of the model is treated in a general manner that allows for substitution in the future. Subcomponents within the model can be individually treated or combined with other subcomponents to create a complete system. An automated method for mesh generation is developed and implemented.

The methods not only result in shortening lead-times but also assures consistency and quality every time they are asked for. They can be reused and further expanded to support other types of configurations in the future.

Author: Thor, Peter

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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