Design study of advanced metallic structural integrated fan outlet guide vanes in civil jet engines

Volvo Aero Corporation designs and manufactures components for civil jet engines. Design solutions for intermediate cases with integrated outlet guide vanes, which has the job to both carry load and direct the by pass air, are considered competitive for the future. Critical

Knowledge driven preprocessing for weld simulations

Being a supplier of products and services in numerous military and civilian fields, Volvo Aero Corporation develops and manufactures advanced components for aircraft engines. By being aware of and reusing knowledge in the form of expertise and engineering know-how throughout the whole

Development of knowledge based engineering support for design and analysis of car components using NX – Knowledge Fusion

Every product developing industry is aiming for to reduce its “time-to-market” and thereby a way to reduce time and cost. One approach to do so is to avoid recurrence in a process. Knowledge Based Engineering allows capturing and structuring of a design

Development of control strategies and transmission model for attribute simulations of a diesel HEV with split-power CVT

In the year 2002/2003, the mechanical engineering and design project SIRIUS, performed at Luleå university of technology, was assigned to develop the electromechanical continuously variable transmission (CVT) Pergear, for use in a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). The concept was developed by Ph.D.

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