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Information Systems Security: Actual vs Perceived

The main objective of this project report is to study the significance of Information Systems (IS) security. Some topics discussed in this report are: Security in the Information Age, Information Systems Research, The Scandinavian School, Computer Security and IT Security, Security Mechanisms, Actual and perceived Information Systems Security Concepts, etc.

Project category: Security
Factors that affect IT-based knowledge sharing

Knowledge has been acknowledged as an essential asset for organizations to gain competitive advantage. Progressively capable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) are already designed and employed by organizations to facilitate Knowledge Management (KM). Beside strategic advantages and financial benefits, businesses are worried about how to motivate employees to share their knowledge to be able to obtain valuable knowledge, facilitate KM processes and get the best benefits from the investments in KM technologies. This document aims to: (1) ...

Project category: IT General
Monitoring data exchanges between information systems

Information systems are more and more connected to each other and exchange more and more data with each other. As the number of data exchanges increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of how these data exchanges are performing. This is especially a problem for application service providers which host systems for customers because they host multiple systems and each system can have multiple data exchanges.

Project category: Computing Misc
Developing a strategic procurement process: a case study at Boliden AB

Boliden is one of the leading mining and smelter companies in the world. Boliden have mines in Sweden and Ireland and smelters in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Their main products are copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver. To make it easier to standardize the procurement process and introduce new lead-buyers, Boliden has decided to create a procurement manual. The primary purpose of the Manual is to provide an overview of Bolidens procurement operations, procurement processes and procurement information systems. As such, ...

Project category: Operations Management
The formation of attitudes towards end-user computing

The rapid growth of End-User Computing (EUC) since the 1980s has dramatically altered the work methods of professional staff such as planners, educators and managers, who can now improve their performance by using personal computers (PCs). However, recognising EUC success, as well as identifying and measuring its many intangible benefits, still presents a major challenge to today's researchers and managers and requires new approaches. Although user satisfaction has been widely advocated as a surrogate for EUC success, the need for ...

Project category: IT General
Mindful Use as a Link Between Social Capital and Organizational Learning: An Empirical Test of the Antecedents and Consequences of Two New Constructs

The motivation for this research is that information systems are not often used to their full potential - individuals often fail to use valuable features of systems not allowing firms to maximize their return from investments in these technologies. Additionally, there have been recent calls for new conceptualizations of system use and for research that examines post-adoption use. Therefore, the current research develops two new conceptualizations of system use: full appropriation and heedful use. These new concepts can help address ...

Project category: Organizational Behavior

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