Marital Relationship Status, Social Support, and Psychological Well-Being Among Rural, Low-Income Mothers

This study examined the relationship between marriage, social support, and psychological health among impoverished, rural mothers. While research suggests marital status and social support are negatively correlated with depression, research investigating such relationships and effects on poor, rural mothers over time is scant. To examine the roles of marital status, social support, and time on depression…


Chapter I: Introduction
Problem Statement
Chapter II: Review of Literature
Marital Status
Marital Status and Race/Ethnicity
Marital Status and Poverty
Married Persons and Psychological Well-Being
Married vs. Non-Married Persons and Psychological Well-Being
Social Support
Social Support and Geographic Location
Social Support and Race/Ethnicity
Social Support and Marital Status
Marriage as Social Support
Theoretical Framework
Social Selection Perspective
Family Stress Theory
Purpose of Study
Chapter III: Methodology
Model 1
Predictor Variable
Outcome Variable
Model 2
Predictor Variable
Moderating Variables
Outcome Variable
Data Analysis
Chapter IV: Results
Demographic Characteristics
Comparison of Mothers in Study and Not in Study
Descriptive Data Analysis of Variables
Bivariate Relationships between Continuous Variables
Mean Comparison 1: Depression
Mean Comparison 2: Marital Status and Depression
Mean Comparison 3: Social Support and Depression
Multivariate Analysis of Variance 1: Marital Status, Social Support on Depression
Multivariate Analysis of Variance 2: Marital Status and Social Support on Change in Depression
Mean Comparison 4 and Multivariate Analysis of Variance 3: Race on Depression and Social Support
Chapter V: Discussion
Characteristics of Rural Mothers
The Relationship between Marital Status and Depression
The Relationship between Social Support and Depression
The Relationship between Marital Status, Social Support, and Depression
The Relationship between Life Changes and Depression
Summary of Findings
Future Research
Program and Policy Implications
Appendix: Depression Measure
Appendix: Social Support Measure

Author: Islam, Jokena Charisse Smith

Source: University of Maryland

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