Monolithic Suspended Optical Waveguides for InP MOEMS

A key platform technology for InP optical waveguide MEMS is developed. The novel waveguide design is entirely released from the substrate by sacrificial etching and the suspended waveguide is supported by lateral tethers. This allows free-standing, movable segments of waveguide while preventing substrate…


Chapter 1 – Introduction and Motivation
1.1 Introduction to MEMS
1.2 MEMS in Optical Applications
1.3 Free Space MOEMS versus Confined MOEMS
1.4 III-V Based MOEMS
1.5 InP as MOEMS Material
1.6 Thesis Outline
Chapter 2 – Design of Suspended InP Waveguides
2.1 Challenges of Movable InP Waveguides
2.2 Suspended InP Waveguides
2.3 Waveguide Simulation and Design
2.4 Tether Simulation and Design
2.5 Material Layer Structure
2.6 Summary of Suspended InP Waveguide Design
Chapter 3 – Fabrication of Suspended InP Waveguides
3.1 InP Suspended Waveguide Material
3.2 Fabrication Process
3.3 Projection Lithography
3.4 InP Etch Development
3.5 InP Etch Process
3.6 End Facet Cleave
3.7 Sacrificial Etch
3.8 Supercritical Drying
3.9 Fabrication Results
3.10 Summary of Fabrication Results
Chapter 4 – Optical Waveguide Characterization
4.1 Characterization Goals
4.2 Experimental Setup
4.3 Testing Methods
4.4 Results of Relative Power Measurements
4.5 Results of Fabry-Perot Contrast Analysis
4.6 Summary of Results
Chapter 5 – Conclusion and Future Work
5.1 Suspended InP Waveguides as a MEMS Platform Technology
5.2 Extension of Suspended InP Waveguides to Devices
5.3 Design Improvements
5.4 Applications of Suspended InP Waveguides
5.5 Conclusion

Author: Kelly, Daniel Patrick

Source: University of Maryland

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