A Patient Post-operative Function Survey System for the Tablet-PC

This project aims to develop a system for evaluating patient satisfaction with foot surgery. It is in collaboration with the Uppsala Academic hospital, the main user of it will be the patients and researchers. That means a smooth running system is not enough. We need to consider the human-computer interaction factors associated with helping patients to express their situation as easily and accurately as possible, and help the researchers to obtain intuitive and meaningful results and the main goal of this project is to develop a survey system on the tablet PC which uses the touch screen to implement survey instruments that have previously been impossible to deliver in a computerized manner. The system provides a way for patients to give their feed back to their doctor easily, and also for researchers to measure, keep and compare results. We will use a slide tool bar in the GUI to help the patient to express their status accurately and intuitively. Feedback to researchers includes numerical representations of patient feedback measure the effects as well. The survey results will be stored in a Database system, compare to the traditional way, it will perform better in results management and querying.This report describes how we design and develop this survey system, and how we make it as usable as possible. The project is based on Windows. The main program and GUI for the patient is developed in Java. The Database for storing the result is based on the MySQL system


1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Tools
1.3 Planning
2. Pre-analysis
2.1 Technology
2.1.1 Java
2.1.2 MySQL
3. Analysis
3.1 Requirement
3.2 Use case
3.3 Service
4. Design & Architecture
4.1 Survey front-end
4.2 Administration front-end
4.3 Database Design
5. Implementation
6. Conclusion & Future work
Interface module
Data module
Controller module

Author: Yao, Jing

Source: Uppsala University Library

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