Chronic sorrow and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis

The overall aim of this thesis was to increase our understanding and knowledge of patients’ experiences of living with multiple sclerosis (MS). A mixed-method design was used, including both qualitative and quantitative methods…


Disease description of multiple sclerosis
Living with MS
Quality of life
Chronic sorrow
Definition of chronic sorrow
The Middle-Range Theory of Chronic Sorrow
Managing chronic illness
Material and Methods
Data collection
Interview-guide regarding illness experiences
Interview-guide of the Nursing Consortium for Research
on Chronic Sorrow (NCRCS)
Self-reported Impairment Check-list (SIC)
The 36-Item Short-Form health survey questionnaire (SF-36)
Subjective estimation of Quality of Life questionnaire (SQoL)
Montgomery–Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS)
Content analysis in Study I
Content analysis in Studies III and IV
Statistical analysis
Ethical considerations
Summary of results
Illness experiences of MS, from symptom to diagnosis, Study I
Early perception of MS
Initial illness experiences
Diagnosis of MS
Consequences of living with MS: measures of impairment,
quality of life, chronic sorrow and symptoms of depression
Impairment and quality of life, Study II
Presence of chronic sorrow and symptoms of depression, Study III
Demographics, quality of life and impairment in relation
to chronic sorrow and mood
Qualitative findings in the light of the theory of chronic sorrow
Meaning of chronic sorrow, Study III
MS patients managing chronic sorrow, Study IV
Discussion of results
Initial illness experiences and diagnosis – Study I
Impairment and quality of life in MS patients – Study II
Presence of chronic sorrow in MS patients – Study III
Characteristics of chronic sorrow in MS – Study III
Managing chronic sorrow, Study IV
Critical reflections on the theory of chronic sorrow
The loss and creation of hope
Vulnerability contra strength
Methodological considerations
Mixed-methods design
Patient selection
Matching participants and attrition
Questionnaires ….

Author: Isaksson, Ann-Kristin

Source: Örebro University

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