Design of a Pivotally Tool Holder

Ljunghäll AB in Södra Vi has many industrial robots in their casting production. These robots have a tendency to wear out. The purpose with this thesis was to design a toolholder that was able flip to a 90 degree angle to get a more flexible production but also to lessen the wear on the robot.Parts of David G. Ullman and Ulf Liedholm’s design processes was used as a base for the solutions and the conceptual design.A number of concepts where made and one of them evaluated to be a refined concept.The result became a tool-holder that used an air-motor and two spur gears to rotate the plate where the tool is mounted to a 90 degree angle. According to the calculations that was made, both by hand and by the computer program COSMOS, the concept should work in practice. A prototype ought to be made to guarantee the function of the concept.

Author: Voxberg, Joel,Persson, Johan

Source: Linköping University

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