Relations in palliative care

Relation means the relationship between two parts. By creating a good relation between nurse and patient you can conduce a better caring. Aim: The aim of the study was to illustrate the relation within palliative care from nurse- patient perspective. Method: The study is a literature review where ten articles were analysed with qualitative content analysis. Results: The findings showed that knowledge, communication, continuity, silence and availability were the most important thing for the nurse in the relationship. Energy, regular contacts, having time and the nurse being able to listen was most important for the patient. In the encounter between the nurse and patient, communication is fundamental for understanding in the conversation where the patient tried to find information about treatment, medicament and the illness. The most valuable was being able to talk about feelings. You must get to know the patient as the person he is to be able to know his interests and what he considers important. Continuity is a prerequisite to make the patient feel safe and secure. Conclusion: Being able to pay attention to unspoken needs and understanding why the patient reacts the way he does is a proof that knowledge has appeared.

Author: Täckström, Linda,Johansson, Annette,Björkegren Lundholm, Anne

Source: Kristianstad University

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